Shipping methods & costs

Shipping costs

CountryShipping charges / €
free delivery on order values above / €
Belgium16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Germany6,90 incl. VAT25,00
Denmark16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Finland21,99 incl. VAT75,00
France16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Ireland16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Italy16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Luxembourg16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Netherlands21,99 incl. VAT75,00
Austria16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Poland16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Portugal21,99 incl. VAT75,00
Romania21,99 incl. VAT75,00
Sweden21,99 incl. VAT75,00
Spain21,99 incl. VAT75,00
Czech Republic16,99 incl. VAT50,00
Hungary16,99 incl. VAT50,00
United Kingdom40,00125,00

Other countries on request.

Shipping methods

Depending on weight and dimensions of your ordered goods we choose a parcel service or forwarder to deliver your order to you.
Within Germany we send parcels with a maximum weight of 31kg with DHL Paket, therefore you can also specify a DHL Packstation as your delivery address. Delivery times of domestic shipping usually are:

1 to 3 business days via parcel service DHL (up to 5 business days in exceptional cases)

3 to 5 business days via freight forwarders (up to 10 business days in exceptional cases)

Express delivery available on request

Please feel free to contact us regarding international transit times, as they are specific to the destination country.